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Last weekend, I had this singular opportunity to witness an authentic African “Soul Food” cooking class at Woodrow Wilson High School, in Washington D.C. Tambra Raye Stevenson, acclaimed speaker and founder of NativSol Kitchen (NativSol stands for new american traditions including values of sustainable, organic and local), and notable DMV food specialist Michael Twitty, taught participants and health-conscious foodies the importance of an African diet.

This unique cooking class was a featured segment from Rooting D.C, a free, all-day gardening forum that provides hands-on demonstrations, and exhibits on urban food.

When I speak about an “African diet” I refrain from highlighting the perks of eating fried chicken, macaroni, chitlins and what most Americans perceive as authentic soul food. Real soul food consists of: millet, quinoa, chilies, and veggies. Essentially, real soul food has profound and rich origins from African nations.

africandietpyramidStevenson is highly lauded, in the DMV area, for her…

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