Just in Case You Wanted to Listen In, The Kojo Nnamdi Show Interview


This was a great afternoon, too short, too short!!!

Denzell Mitchell of Five Seeds Farm @5seedsfarm on Twitter and I were hosted on WAMU 88.5 by Kojo Nnamdi (@KojoShow)

Special thanks to Mike M. @MikeMartinezDC and Camelia for their putting this together.  Photo Courtesy The Kojo Nnamdi Show.

And here’s the show! Have fun! http://thekojonnamdishow.org/shows/2013-04-03/urban-farming-and-agricultural-history


Common Good City Farm: http://commongoodcityfarm.org/

Five Seeds Farm: http://fiveseedsfarm.com/

Woodberry Kitchen: http://www.woodberrykitchen.com/

Capital City Farm Company: http://www.capitalcityfarmco.com/

City Blossoms: http://cityblossoms.org/

Three Part Harmony Farm: http://threepartharmonyfarm.org/

Aya Community Markets: http://ayamarkets.org

DC Greens:http://www.dcgreens.org

Healthy Affordable Food For All (HAFA):http://hafadc.com/

COOP DC: http://coopdc.org

Montgomery County Food Council:http://www.mocofoodcouncil.org

Washington Youth Garden:http://www.washingtonyouthgarden.org/

Wangari Community Gardens:http://wangarigardens.wordpress.com/

Washington Gardener Magazine: http://www.Washingtongardener.com

Rooting DC:http://rootingdc.org/

Tambra Raye/NativSol Kitchen:http://about.me/tambraraye

Neighborhood Farm Initiative:http://www.neighborhoodfarminitiative.org/

A 19th Century Heirloom Kitchen Garden I Grew Myself, 2009 A 19th Century Heirloom Kitchen Garden I Grew Myself, 2009

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